There is some delicious late summer and Autumn produce available at the market right now. Here’s a selection:


Fragrant and zesty, limes are equally delicious in savoury or sweet dishes.  Use them in Thai curries, to marinate seafood, or add to drinks, cakes and tarts for a delicious zing. Store limes in the fridge during hot weather.


Pumpkins are super sweet at the moment. Dice, roast with a little olive oil and salt and use as a pizza topping or in a warm vegetable salad, or use in risotto. pumpkin soup, or pumpkin scones. Try Glenyce Creighton’s organic pumpkins; Morrow Farm for the Jap variety and Summit Organics (or Butternut.


Ballina fishers John and Julie Joblin at JJ Seafood are catching plenty of mackerel, and will have Spotted, Bar and Spanish varieties over the coming months. This oily fish is extremely healthy and packed with Omega3 and Vitamin D.

Also in season now…

Apples and pears, quince, basil, capsicum, ginger, chokoes, cucumber,  guava, quince, green beans, cherry tomatoes, coriander, capsicum, potatoes, zucchini.

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