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CAP: Mullumbimby Farmers Market stallholder Liz Lualdi says her blue lotus flowers have many uses. Photo: Kate O'Neill

Mullumbimby Farmers Market stallholder Liz Lualdi says her blue lotus flowers have many uses. Photo: Kate O’Neill

Blue lotus flowers not only look and smell good. They can also soothe and moisturise your skin, take the edge off anxiety and can even be used to decorate your birthday cake.

This aquatic flower has a myriad of uses, and Liz Lualdi is more than happy to share these with you at her stall at the Mullumbimby Farmers Market.

Liz, who harvests her blue lotus from a tea tree lake at Tyagarah, says while the fresh cut flowers are her most popular product, the uses of this distinctive flower go far beyond the decorative.

The dried flower heads, for example, can be used to make a golden-coloured tea.

“All you need is one flower head to a large teapot. It’s an isotonic, so it’s hydrating. It’s the real Gatorade” said Liz.

She says the tea also has a subtle calming effect: “It takes the edge of stress or an anxiety attack.“

Another popular use for the blue lotus’ edible dried petals is to scatter them through a salad or use them to decorate a cake: “They look amazing on a chocolate cake,” says Liz.

Aside form its culinary uses; the blue lotus is also the key ingredient in Liz’s own moisturiser and healing balm, Purus.

A combination of blue lotus flower heads, shea butter, home grown comfrey and aloe vera, Liz says the balm is ideal for dry, damaged or aging skin, as well as skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

“I add the three ingredient to the shea butter in a process called enfleurage, which is an ancient French process. It’s done with very low heat, so it’s raw and its vegan. It also preserves all the vitamins and the minerals and the enzymes in each of those things. “

Liz also adds a little argan oil, jojoba oil and pink grapefruit oil.

She says the blue lotus cream is easily absorbed, and it nourishes, strengthens and rejuvenates the skin, as well as protecting it against UV damage.

“Most moisturisers act as a lacquer, so when you go to the bathroom and wash your hand you feel it slide straight off, and then you’ve got the skin you had before you had it on. With this it’s totally different. You can go swimming, wash you hands, and you’ll have the same skin. The changes are permanent. “

• Find Liz Lualdi’s Blue Lotus stall at the Mullumbimby Farmers Market every Friday.

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