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Happy Flame

Happy Flame
Happy Flame
Anca & Peter Meridith
PO Box 5033. East Lismore, NSW 2480
All our candles are handmade and 100% pure beeswax sourced from local hives.The aroma from our candles is amazing. A gentle honey scent which will fill the room. Perfect for the hypo-sensitive, it is gentle, calming, relaxing, healing and perfect for meditation. Unlike paraffin, the most common type of candle it does not create toxic fumes when burnt. Infact, burning beeswax actually purifies the air.

Help your family breath easy:

When you burn your Happy Flame Candle it emits negative ions. These ions act as a “cleanser” for the surrounding air because toxins, such as dust, pollen, germs and mildew, are positive ions. When the two meet the air is purified.
100% pure beeswax handmade candles and

beeswax lanterns
  • Happy Flame
  • Happy Flame

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Happy Flame

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