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Bangalow Potatoes

Bangalow Potatoes
Bangalow Potatoes
Michael & Cornelia Burless
02 6687 2488
Lot 3, Lawlers Lane Bangalow NSW, 2479
Bangalow Potatoes is a 50 acre holding on the red soil plateau overlooking the village of Bangalow. Due to the mild subtropical climate many crops can be produced all year

Roughly half of the vegetable crop constitutes potatoes, mostly gourmet varieties, and these are grown in 4 plantings per year – February, April, June, and August. This ensures production will cater for demand for at least 10 months of the year.
Potatoes (Nicola, dutch cream, kipfler ando thers), edamame, sweet potato, sweet corn,
finger limes, Jerusalem artichokes, asparagus, pineapples, kohl rabi, radish, kabu, daikon
radish, padron peppers, flowers, carrots, turnips, peanuts.
  • Bangalow Potatoes
  • Bangalow Potatoes
  • Bangalow Potatoes

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Bangalow Potatoes

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