Avocado Valley
Business Name: Avocado Valley
Business Owners: Tony Hinds
Business Phone Number: 02 6677 1956
Located: Upper Burringbar, NSW
Business Description:

Tony Hinds and his family have been growing avocados on their Burringbar farm since 2002. They produce several varieties, including Hass, Sharwil. Fuerte, Reed and Pinkerton, which are available during the North Coast’s avocado season from April to December. Tony also grows and sells grafted avocado trees. Unlike seeds that grow out of your compost and may never fruit, grafted trees are guaranteed to fruit within the first few years.

Produce: Avocados - Sunflowers - Chokos
Business Genre:
Baraka Gourmet Foods
Business Name: Baraka Gourmet Foods
Business Owners: Alan and Jula Schwarz
Business Phone Number: 1300 972 450
Business Website Address: www.barakafoods.com.au
Business Description:

Baraka Gourmet Foods creates authentic Middle Eastern dips including Hummus, Hummus with Za’atar, Labneh Cheese, Harissa, Baba Ganoush and Falafel Mix

Produce: • Hummus
• Hummus with Za’atar
• Labneh Cheese
• Baba Ganoush
• Falafel Mix

Business Genre:
Blueberry Fields
Business Name: Blueberry Fields
Business Owners: Otto & Lynette Saeck
Business Phone Number: 0428 332 595
Located: 769 Fernleigh Road, Brooklet, NSW, 2479
Business Website Address: www.blueberryfields.com.au
Business Description:

Blueberry Fields is a family owned blueberry orchard located in the beautiful Byron hinterland in northern New South Wales. We focus on the production of beautiful tasty fresh blueberries during Spring and Summer.

We attend both Mullum and New Brighton Farmers Markets. Sorry we are not available for farm gate sales.

Produce: ● Blueberries
Business Genre:
Brunswick Seed Oysters
Business Name: Brunswick Seed Oysters
Business Owners: Noel Baggaley
Business Phone Number: 0414 212 638
Located: 90 Corkwood Crescent Suffolk Park NSW, 2481
Business Description:

Noel Baggaley has been farming oysters for 35 years. He provides the market with fresh and full-flavoured Sydney Rock Oysters, grown locally in the Brunswick River.

Produce: Seafood (Oysters)
Oysters are full of flavour and nutrition. They are high in essential Omega-3 oils, zinc and iron and vitamins A, B and C, and low in cholesterol. Oysters can be sold opened or unopened. Noel says an easy way to open them is to put them in the microwave for four seconds, which loosens the muscle and allows easy opening. Alternatively, briefly pop them on the BBQ.
Business Genre:
Byron Bay Cane Juice
Business Name: Byron Bay Cane Juice
Business Owners: Aner Yeffet
Business Phone Number: 66845372
Located: 46 Durrumbull Road Main Arm NSW 2482
Business Description:

Raw sugar cane juice is a refreshing healthy drink that has ten times less sugar than apple or orange juice. Cane juice is known for its ability to soothe a sore throat, fight off colds and flu, aid digestion, help cleanse the liver and boost the immune system.


Produce: Sugar cane juice drinks (with mint, greens, passion fruit

banana), sugar cane chai, sugar cane mulch)
Business Genre:
Byron Bay Miso
Business Name: Byron Bay Miso
Business Owners: Elvina & Doug Munir
Business Phone Number: 0422214607
Business Description:

Elvina’s miso is 100 percent organic, unpasteurised and made in the slow traditional way. Miso is a fermented food, rich in probiotics, which help digestion. It also contains complex B vitamins, iron, calcium and minerals and is high in antioxidants.
She explains that many of the commercially available miso pastes that are mass produced go through a fast tracked version of the fermentation, with things like alcohol, MSG and preservatives added. If it's not kept in a fridge then it's very likely it's been pasteurised and therefore losing all the health benefits as well as flavour.
And while most of us think soup when we hear the word miso, Elvina says it is extremely versatile: its savoury flavour works perfectly in a salad dressing as well as  in dips,  as a marinade or on toast with avocado and egg (think of it as a Japanese version of vegemite).


Business Genre:
Byron Bay Tempeh
Business Name: Byron Bay Tempeh
Business Owners: Sarah Bourke
Business Phone Number: 042-349-2955
Located: Stokers Siding
Business Website Address: http://byronbaytempeh.com/
Business Description:

Byron Bay Tempeh specialises in the creation of fresh soy free tempeh.
We have three delicious flavours: Fava Bean and Wakame; Organic Chickpea; and Organic Yellow Split Pea and Brown Rice.
Our tempeh is hand made, probiotic, soy free. gluten free, cholesterol free and suitable for vegans.
About Tempeh
Tempeh is a fermented ‘living’ food, which originated in Indonesia.
As a whole food, tempeh is nutritionally very rich. Tempeh is one of the highest known vegetarian source of vitamin B12.
It is also one of the best sources of vegetarian protein. Because of its fermented nature, tempeh is very high in natural pro-biotics. This makes it very easy to digest. Tempeh is high in fibre, contains no cholesterol and is very low in saturated fat.
At Byron Bay Tempeh we use state of the art technology to produce the highest quality, boutique style fresh tempeh.
Our Tempeh is lovingly hand made using the best quality Australian ingredients. The chickpeas, apple cider vinegar and Tasmanian wakame seaweed we use are all certified organic. All of the ingredients used in Byron Bay Tempeh are non GMO.

Produce: ● Tempeh (Fava bean & wakame seaweed)
● Tempeh (Organic Chick Pea)
• Tempeh (Organic Yellow Split Pea and Brown Rice)
Business Genre:
Byron Gourmet Pasta
Business Name: Byron Gourmet Pasta
Business Owners: Liam Ahern
Business Phone Number: 0479097861
Located: Ballina
Business Description:

Hand made pasta with fresh local ingredients

Produce: Gourmet hand made pastas including gluten free pastas. Gnocchi, ravioli and frozen take-home lasagne
Business Genre:
Cheeses Loves You
Business Name: Cheeses Loves You
Business Owners: Deb Allard
Business Phone Number: 0404 812 011
Located: Burringbar
Business Description:

A cheese maker for more than a decade, Deb Allard is well known for her cheese making classes and has travelled widely to learn her craft, spending time with expert cheese makers from all over the world.

Deb says because her cheeses are small batch and additive free, they vary in flavour throughout the year and are quite different from the stock standard cheeses sold at the supermarket. Mass produced cheeses usually contain some form of preservatives or additives to extend their shelf life, but the long use-by date often comes at the gives at the expense of character and flavour.

Deb's cheeses are created on farm, using fresh milk from the dairy she operates with husband Jim.

Their herd of Jersey cows are milked daily, supplying fresh milk for Deb’s artisan farmhouse cheese.

Deb says most dairy farmers choose Friesians because they produce a greater volume of milk, but the quality of Jersey milk is superior for making cheese. It’s higher in fat and protein, and full of healthy bacteria.

“Jersey milk is outstanding. It has a really great PH. It’s already full of activity and the bacterias I add to it just enhance it,” she said.

Deb's cheese range includes cottage cheese, ricotta, haloumi, feta, brie, camembert, blue and romano, as well as other dairy products like kefir, cultured butter and yoghurt.


Produce: Jarlsberg, Romano, cheddar, ash whitey’s, mozzarella, haloumi, whey ricotta, brie,
chaource, reblochon, chili feta, blue. Marscapone, buttermilk, cultured butter, cottage cheese, kefir
Business Genre:
Church Farm
Business Name: Church Farm
Business Owners: Andrew Morris and Amanda Callan
Business Phone Number: 0422 494 429 / 0409 493 778
Located: Billinudgel/The Pocket
Business Website Address: www.churchfarmgeneralstore.com
Produce: Billinudgel Smoked Hot Sauce, Billinudgel Brown Sauce, Thai style curry pastes, Handmade Soaps, Vegetables preserved in jars with brine
Business Genre: