Coopers Shoot Tomatoes
Business Name: Coopers Shoot Tomatoes
Business Owners: Heather & Hugh Armstrong
Business Phone Number: 02 6687 2631
Located: 298/300 Coopers Shoot Rd Coopers Shoot via Bangalow Bangalow NSW, 2479
Business Description:

The Coopers Shoot Tomatoes stall is always bursting with bright red glossy tomatoes that
taste just as good as they look. Heather says allowing her tomatoes to ripen on the vine is
the secret to the flavour. Tomatoes you’ll find in the supermarket are often picked green,
and then gassed to set off the ripening process. This results in a poorer taste and mealy
texture. Mass produced tomatoes are also stored in coolrooms, which diminishes their
flavour. Heather says tomatoes should never go into the fridge.

The Coopers Shoot property has been in the Armstrong family since 1882, nestled in the hills between Byron Bay and Bangalow in northern New South Wales, Australia.

Produce: ● Tomatoes (Dried)
● Sauce (Tomato)
● Capsicum
● Cucumber (Chinese))
● Cucumber (Lebanese)
● Eggplant (Black)
● Silverbeet
● Tomatoes
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Costanzo Apples
Business Name: Costanzo Apples
Business Owners: Michelle & Roberto Costanzo
Business Phone Number: 040529-5012
Located: Stanthorpe QLD
Business Description:

Crisp juicy apples pears, grapes and stonefruit, grown on the Costanzo family farm at Stanthorpe

Produce: Apples (gala, high early, mitzus, pink lady, fuji, granny, dell),
pears, grapes, cherries, apricots, plums, peaches, nectarines,
bottled apple juice and quinces
Business Genre:
Crabbes Creek Woodfired
Business Owners: Jon & Gina Hutton
Business Phone Number: 0415 934 793
Located: Crabbes Creek
Business Description:

Jon and Gina make 13 varieties of delicious sourdough bread, including their popular linseed; pumpkin; stoneground; spelt; macadamia and honey; and dark rye. Pretty good for a pair of self-taught bakers!

Everything is made from the best organic ingredients. Organic flour and linseed comes from the Wholegrain Milling Company in Gunnedah, while extras such as macadamias, olives, honey and rosemary are sourced locally from the farmers’ markets or from Jon and Gina’s own garden.

They bake the bread in a massive wood fired oven at their beautiful property at Crabbes Creek. The oven was built by Jon, a former bricklayer (he’s also also built ovens for local cafes including Harvest), and it really is an amazing piece of craftmanship.


Produce: 13 types of sourdough bread, including linseed; pumpkin; stoneground; spelt; macadamia and honey; and dark rye.
Woodfired pizza using a mobile food fired oven.
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Edens Landing
Business Name: Edens Landing
Business Owners: Amir Zikhron
Business Phone Number: 6684 1007
Located: Shop 4, 97 Stuart St, Mullumbimby, New South Wales
Business Description:

Eden’s Landing is a local business that provides organic and traditional vegetables to the market that local farmers cannot provide. This arrangement enables shoppers to fulfil all their weekly shop requirements whilst continuing to support small local businesses.

Produce: We supply fruit and veg organic and traditional that cannot be sourced from the farmers at the markets.
Business Genre:
Energetic Greens
Business Name: Energetic Greens
Business Owners: Jonathon Flantz
Business Phone Number: 02 6684 0000
Located: PO Box 767 Mullumbimby NSW, 2480
Business Description:

Energetic Greens are growers of organic sprouts and microgreens, specializing in soil-grown sprouts. Our methods of growing follow strict organic guidelines where only the purest and cleanest, seeds, soil and water, are used. Our exciting variety pleases the palate with its excellent taste while being of the highest nutritional value.

Produce: ● Wheatgrass Juice
● Sprouts (Broccoli)
● Sprouts (buckwheat)
● Sprouts (Radish)
● Sprouts (Sunflower)
● Sprouts (Wheatgrass)
● Sprouts (Barley)
● Sprouts (Salad Mix)
At our unique farm, we grow our sprouts and microgreens in organic soil
(as distinct from sprouting in water, which is the more common way).

We grow only the sprouts and microgreens that are most highly regarded
for their nutritional and health-boosting value:
Broccoli and Radish Sprouts, the unusual, crunchy and tasty Sunflower Sprouts,
the rare Buckwheat Sprouts, Wheatgrass, and Barley Grass.
Business Genre:
Business Fax: 02 6684 0036
Everest Farms
Business Name: Everest Farms
Business Owners: Matt Everest
Business Phone Number: 02 6679 3052/ 0402 320 784
Located: Tyalgum Rd Euengella NSW, 2484
Business Description:

The Everest farm is located at Eungella, west of Murwillumbah. The family has been farming here for five generations.

Produce: Corn, beans, eggplant, tomatoes, beetroot, leeks, potatoes, broccoli, shallots, silverbeet,watermelon, melons, peas, snowpeas, cabbage, cauliflower, watercress, capsicum, zucchini, squash, pumpkin, free range eggs
Business Genre:
Forrest Farms
Business Name: Forrest Farms
Business Owners: Sue Mangan & David Forrest
Business Phone Number: 6688 4346
Located: 90 KINGS RD, FEDERAL NSW 2480
Business Description:

Sue Mangan and her partner Dave Forrest have been organic farmers for 33 years and grow a whole host of organic fruit and veggies for their popular stall at the market.
They also have home made kombucha and jamu

Produce: ALL ORGANIC: ginger, broccoli, oranges, whole mixes, macadamia oil, shallots, snake beans, coloured (red, green, yellow) beans, cucumber, basil, cabbage, gourmet
potatoes, winged beans, spring onions, mizuna, bok choy, dandelion, bekana (tokyo cabbage),
chinese cabbage, tatsoi, kang kong, pak choy, mibuna, sweet potato vine (green leaves), amaranth, green mangoes, long capsicum, chilli, bunya nuts, chokos, jaboticaba, tomatoes, lemons, mandarins, grumichama (South American cherry), lemon myrtle leaves, leeks, radish, corn, rocket, kale, edible flowers, silverbeet, chard, fennel, pumpkin, coriander, cauliflower, fennel, carrots, celery, edamame, broad beans, herbs in pots (coriander, rocket, baby silverbeet), turmeric, turnips, garlic
VALUE ADDED davidson plum products (sauce, coulis, paste, jam), coffee, organic macadamia butter, organic macadamia oil, kombucha, jamu tea, pickled sushi ginger
Business Genre:
Glenyce Creighton
Business Name: Glenyce Creighton
Business Owners: Alan & Glenyce Creighton
Business Phone Number: 66847202
Located: Myocum Road 2481 Myocum NSW
Business Description:

Organic farmer Glenyce Creighton has one of the markets’ most eclectic stalls. Here you’ll find everything from chokoes to custard apples, as well as some incredible local produce you may never have known existed.

Here’s a sample of some of her produce and some tips on how best to enjoy it:
Free range chicken, duck and turkey eggs: Duck eggs are a secret every baker should know about. They’ll make your sponges rise higher than you thought possible and your other baked goods moist and light. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the turkey eggs. They have a mild flavour that’s similar to chicken eggs.
Loofahs: These vine-growing plants are the ultimate eco-friendly cleaning or body sponge. Excellent for exfoliating in the shower. Store it upright and allow to drain between uses to keep it in top condition.
Daikon radish: A long white radish that’s milder than most but still a little peppery. Pickled daikon is a very popular accompaniment to Japanese food, while raw daikon gives a lovely crunch to salads.
Horned melon: These spiky little fellas are not as scary as they look. Cut off their outer spines and you‘ll find a fruit with a mild taste similar to cucumber.

Produce: free range duck & hen eggs, citrus, pecans, macadamias, custard apples, apples, mangoes, pawpaws, mulberries, lychees, pineapples, rockmelons, watermelons, rosella,
zucchini, cucumber, corn, sweet potatoes, ginger, garlic, pumpkin, peanuts, chokos, potato (vars), asian greens, cabbage, cut herbs, cherry tomatoes, cut and potted plants (no environmental weeds)
Business Genre:
Grumpy Grandma’s Olives
Business Owners: Tim Stone and Lynne Ziehlke
Business Phone Number: 0488 032 248
Located: Rosebank, NSW
Business Website Address:
Business Description:

Time & Lynne produce delectable Olives and Olive Oils on their property, Morningside Farm, in Rosebank NSW. They have 5 different oils to offer as well as a selection of Kalamata, Green, Manzanillo and semi dried Olives to add a special zing to salads and platters.

Produce: Olives; olive oils
Business Genre:
Happy Flame
Business Name: Happy Flame
Business Owners: Anca & Peter Meridith
Business Phone Number: 66227962
Located: PO Box 5033. East Lismore, NSW 2480
Business Website Address:
Business Description:

All our candles are handmade and 100% pure beeswax sourced from local hives.The aroma from our candles is amazing. A gentle honey scent which will fill the room. Perfect for the hypo-sensitive, it is gentle, calming, relaxing, healing and perfect for meditation. Unlike paraffin, the most common type of candle it does not create toxic fumes when burnt. Infact, burning beeswax actually purifies the air.

Help your family breath easy:

When you burn your Happy Flame Candle it emits negative ions. These ions act as a “cleanser” for the surrounding air because toxins, such as dust, pollen, germs and mildew, are positive ions. When the two meet the air is purified.

Produce: 100% pure beeswax handmade candles and

beeswax lanterns
Business Genre: