Business Name: Mayfields
Business Owners: Scott & Kristin Walters
Business Phone Number: 6621 8054 / 0428471627
Located: 18 Music Street, East Lismore,2480
Business Description:

Mayfields was born in the the beautiful hinterlands of Byron Bay in Northern NSW, when chef, Scott Walters & Maitre dee, Kristin Bass, began operating the restaurant of the Eltham hotel. After establishing a reputation for great food, utilising readily available native ingredients, we began to market our products to a wider audience via the regions enormously popular market scene. Mayfields offers simple traditional, satisfying hot breakfasts, with a twist, using fresh local produce, much of it sourced from the market that morning.

“Our philosophy has always been to do food well, to do it justice, to use modern methods and ingredients but to always stay true to the authentic and traditional intention of the dish, and to keep it simple,” Scott said.


Produce: Specials change weekly, with offerings such as grilled field mushrooms with crispy bacon and herbed sour cream, and variations on the classic French omelette

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Morrows Farm
Business Name: Morrows Farm
Business Owners: Stan & Rick Morrow
Business Phone Number: 0437 545343
Located: 1262 TEVEN RD, ALSTONVILLE NSW 2477
Business Description:

Stan Morrow’s father taught him all he knows about farming. Now in his late 70s,  Stan continues these traditions by passing them on to his nephew Rick. The Morrows have a beautiful farm on  the Alstonville plateau where they grow seasonal fruit and veg.

Produce: Stone fruit, avocados, pecan nuts, strawberries, beans, broccoli, carrots, peas, snowpeas, pumpkin, potatoes, rosellas, sweet potatoes, sweet corn, tomatoes, watermelon and zucchini
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Mount Chowan Organics
Business Name: Mount Chowan Organics
Business Owners: Lance Powell
Business Phone Number: 02 6677 1597 / 0432 539 936
Located: PO Box 374 782 Upper Burringbar Road Burringbar NSW, 2483
Business Description:

At Mt Chowan Organics we like to think of our farming as sustainable farming rather than organic farming, we believe in maintaining the land so that future generations can work it. We believe in providing local, healthy, delicious, organic food to our customers.

Produce: bananas, avocados, paw paw, citrus (oranges,mandarin, lemons), mangoes, passionfruit, lychee, carambola, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, cucumber, cabbage, snow peas, parsley, pumpkin, spring onion
Business Genre:
Myocum Coffee
Business Name: Myocum Coffee
Business Owners: Bob James
Business Phone Number: 02 6684 7358/ 0416 199 476
Located: Myocum Rd Myocum via Byron Bay NSW, 2481
Business Description:

Bob and Marlene James have been growing coffee at Myocum for more than 20 years and have become one of the region’s favourite local coffee producers.

● Coffee (Beans)
● Coffee (Ground)
● Coffee (By the Cup)
● Tea (By the Cup)
● Coffee (Choc-Coated Beans)
● Hot Chocolate (by the cup)
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Neville Singh
Business Name: Neville Singh
Business Owners: Neville Singh
Business Phone Number: 02 6687 1875/ 0427 871 875
Located: 27 Fowlers Lane Road PO Box 72 Bangalow NSW, 2479
Business Description:

Owners Neville comes from a family with a long history of farming on the north coast of New South Wales. He is the 3rd generation to farm bananas near Bangalow. Neville doesn’t use any chemicals and is an mentor and expert to other growers in the district.

Produce: banana (cavendish, ladyfinger)
snake beans, chilli (fresh and pickled), bitter
melon, okra, garlic, , citrus (lemons, limes, oranges,
grapefruit), nimbu, pawpaw, melons, pineapples,
avocadoes (pinkerton), peaches, nectarin,
VALUE ADDED dried bananas, yoghurt
coated bananas, preserved chillis, indian pickles
Business Genre:
Nimbin Valley Dairy
Business Name: Nimbin Valley Dairy
Business Owners: Paul Wilson and Kerry Wilson
Business Phone Number: 02 66891809/ 0439 668 489
Located: Tuntable Falls Rd Nimbin NSW, 2480
Business Website Address:
Business Description:

Both Kerry and Paul come from a long line of dairy farmers and share a passion for simple wholesome produce. Paul studied at the National Centre for Dairy Education, winning the Dairy Australia Cheesemaking Scholarship in 2007. As the family cheesemaker, his talent is the product of his upbringing and a passion for creating great tasting cheeses.

Produce: Goat milk cheese and yoghurt, Cow milk cheese and yoghurt, goat milk soap and kefir

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Nudgel Nuts
Business Name: Nudgel Nuts
Business Owners: Ian & Leone McRae
Business Phone Number: 02 6684 5080 / 0438 804 050
Located: 446 The Pocket Road Billinudgel NSW 2483 Australia
Business Website Address:
Business Description:

NudgelNuts are grown in the picturesque fertile valley known as “The Pocket”, in Billinudgel, Northern New South Wales We only use sea salt, which doesn’t contain additives, and our nuts are dry roasted at a low temperature to ensure the goodness is kept in. Read more:

Produce: macadamia products: raw and roasted,
macadamia pastes, chocolate coated nuts, honey
roasted nuts, macadamia oil (processed off site)
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One Organic
Business Name: One Organic
Business Owners: Steve Allen
Located: Possum Creek NSW
Business Website Address:
Business Description:

One Organic are a certified Organic Seedling Nursery based in Byron Bay New South Wales. Our seedlings are grown from open pollinated non hybrid non treated seed. We specialise in vegetable,herbs and medicinal flowers.

Produce: organic vegetable, herb and companion plant seedlings, organic compost/fertilier.
We are a certified organic grower of Vegetables, Herbs, and Flowers. We use100% natural and organic methods for growing and produce healthy, high quality plants with real vitality.
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Organic Avocado’s
Business Name: Organic Avocado’s
Business Owners: Kate Thompson
Business Phone Number: 6628 0050
Located: 67 Dou-Jea Lane 2477 Alstonville NSW Australia
Business Website Address:
Business Description:

All certified organic produce, grown on our farm on the Lynwood plateau in northern NSW Australia.

Produce: Avocado, custard apples, davidson plums, finger limes, limes, mandarins, pumpkins, organic rhubarb
Business Genre:
Picone Exotic Fruits
Business Name: Picone Exotic Fruits
Business Owners: John & Lyndel Picone
Business Phone Number: 02 6684 6104 / 0412926208
Located: PO Box 282 Lot 51 Foxes Lane Tyagarah Mullumbimby NSW, 2482
Business Description:

John Picone, will guide you through his exotic orchard which boasts some 200 exotic fruits and 20 vegetables. The species originate from South America, Europe, Asia, India, Japan, and Mexico and are from traditional stock. The trees are not grown in a hothouse, but are often growing in conditions quite different from their origins.

John’s very personal touch and spray free methods are essential to the successful growth and harvest and even include some hand pollinating. Surprising species found in his open garden include the vanilla pod orchids, and the pepper plant, normally not found in this climate.

John is an Encyclopaedia of knowledge on growing, cooking, preserving, bush kitchen preparing and nutritional qualities of his produce. His personable stories, are rich with generosity of sharing and garnished with astounding flavoured samples..

Produce: snake beans, asparagus, cucumbers (old varieties), lima beans (fresh), warrigal spinach,edamame soy beans (fresh), krachai, green papaya, chillies, torch ginger (edible flower), peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots, grapes, nashi, oranges, bergamot orange, monsteria peliciosa, betel leaf, tomatillo, pomegranates, jujube, sapotes, sapodila, rollinia, carambola, abiu, guava, longans, lychee, feijoa, mammey sapote, pineapple, persimmons, apples, pears, figs, citrus, melons, custard apples, soursop, pepino, cassava, taro, bamboo shoots, garlic, ginger, lotus, galangal, dec 13- koubo fruit, cocoa, red velvet apple, soncoya, mangosteen, pumpkin (trombone, marina di chioggia), davidsons plum (whole)
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