Business Name: Monty’s
Business Owners: David and Sue Montgomery
Located: Tumbulgum
Business Description:

Monty’s grow some of the best looking and tasting strawberries you’ll ever come across.

Kids love their colourful sugar-free dehydrated pure fruit flats, pure fruit ice blocks, ice creams and choc-dipped frozen fruit.


Produce: Fresh strawberries, 100% pure dehydrated fruit flats, pure fruit ice-blocks, fruit ice creams, choc-dipped frozen strawberries and mangos, fruit jams
Business Genre:
Nimbin Valley Pecans and Rice
Business Owners: Frank and Andrea Boyle
Business Phone Number: 0405 321 295
Located: Boyle Rd, Goolmagar, NSW, 2480
Produce: Brown Rice – dryland from Nimbin
Pecan Muesli – available in regular, wheat free and gluten free
Rice cakes
Rice crumbs
Pecan spread
Business Genre:
Oliver’s Hens
Business Name: Oliver’s Hens
Business Owners: Oliver Bora
Located: Left Bank Rd Mullumbimby Creek
Business Website Address:
Business Description:

Young farmer Oliver Bora’s free range pastured eggs come from healthy happy hens who live a truly free range life.

They roam on 15 acres of pasture, and are moved every two weeks, giving them access the fresh grass and insects that make up their natural diet.  Oliver says this increases the  Omega 3 in the eggs making them tastier and better for you.  Regularly moving the hens also allows the grass to regrow and the soil to regenerate.

The hens also have access to  high quality organic grain which Oliver says  helps reduce the farm’s carbon footprint.



Produce: Free range pastured eggs
Business Genre:
Suria Foods
Business Name: Suria Foods
Business Owners: Katerina Suria
Business Phone Number: 0423 812 982
Business Description:

Suria Foods is a range of handcrafted fermented foods that change depending what Earth gives us each season. All organic vegetables are sourced locally and most are grown by Katerina, the founder and creator.

Produce: Fermented seasonal vegetables and gut healing juices
Business Genre:
Woodland Valley Farm
Business Name: Woodland Valley Farm
Business Owners: Fabian Fabbro and Jodie Viccars
Located: 7117 Tweed Valley Way Fernvale
Produce: Free range pastured eggs, heritage eggs
Business Genre:
Business Name: Yummify
Business Owners: Arianne Schrieber
Business Phone Number: 0432 260 927
Located: Byron Bay
Business Website Address:
Business Description:

Yummify is a conscious food business. It celebrates sumptuous meals in a wickedly healthy way. We believe that choosing a plant-based diet is one of the best things we can do for the planet’s future in the face of over consumption, waste and destructive practices around food.

Produce: Vegan, gluten free snacks. Vegan cheese.
Business Genre: