Byron Gourmet Pasta is a local business that uses fresh local and organic ingredients to create a range of gourmet pastas, available at the Mullumbimby Farmers Market each week. The face of the business is Liam Ahern:

Tell us a bit about the pasta you make?

We make a range of traditional, fresh egg free pastas using semolina (suitable for vegans), as well as a variety of low-gluten spelt pastas and a gluten-free pumpkin gnocchi. We also make fresh ravioli including Spinach and Three Cheese; Pumpkin, Sage and Garlic; Ricotta, Lemon, Chilli, Parsley; and Haloumi and Mint.

How does your pasta differ from the mass produced pasta you buy at the supermarket? 

All our pasta is made with only the freshest local and organic ingredients. It’s the local flavours that make it so good. We source all of our ricotta from local cheese maker Deb Allard of Cheeses Loves You, blue cheese from Nimbin Valley Dairy, pumpkin from Bangalow Farm and herbs and greens from The Salad Hut at Burringbar. We use only the finest quality organic semolina, spelt and stoneground flour, and of course, we also put a lot of pride and love into what we do. We want to produce a quality product for everyone to enjoy.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Being a part of a community that I love and being able to share what I love – good food.

What’s the number one tip you give your customers?

Its quick to cook! Being so fresh it’s only 2-4 minutes in well-salted boiling water. Lots of salt! It helps it cook and taste better.

 What do you enjoy most about being at the farmers markets?

There’s a great sense of community and sharing at the markets. I get to literally stand behind the product I make, and see the joy that good quality local produce brings.

Do you sell your pasta anywhere else apart from the farmers market?

Yes – we’re very excited to be opening a new shop in Ballina this week, where we will sell our hand made-pastas, along with a selection of other local gourmet foods.

Tell us something most people wouldn’t know about you?

I’m a qualified remedial massage therapist

What would you be doing if you weren’t doing this?

Finishing my health science degree in Musculoskeletal Therapy and Acupuncture.