Andrea Subirat, of Mumma Raw, is changing people's minds about raw food.

Andrea Subirat, of Mumma Raw, is changing people’s minds about raw food.

Raw food isn’t just for raw foodies, it’s something we should all be eating for more energy, improved digestion and to get more nutrition into our diets, says Andrea Subirat.

“It’s like saying Chinese food is just for Chinese or Italian food is just for Italians. Raw food isn’t just for raw foodists, it’s for everybody,” she said.

The co-creator of Mullumbimby Farmers Market stall, Mumma Raw, and Byron Industrial Estate cafe, The Wrapperie, says when she started her business two years ago with business partner Charles Roussin, the goal was always to introduce more of a raw element into everyday people’s diets, and much to their delight, it’s what has been happening.

“We’re getting everyday people coming to us. Not because they want something raw, but because they just want something fresh and delicious  – and it just happens to be raw and it just happens to be vegan. We get tradies, vegans, non-vegans, raw foodists, not raw foodists, whoever. It’s really nice, and the feedback is amazing.”

Defined as food that hasn’t been heated above about 45 degrees, raw food retains all of its and nutrients intact and is great for digestion, says Andrea.

One of Andrea and Charles’ most popular raw products is their onion and fennel seed raw bread, which is now sold Australia-wide.

It’s gluten free, organic, paleo and vegan and can also be dried into tasty crackers.

“It’s really good with dips and pestos, and for the non-vegans, cheese, and dairy and all those sorts of things,” Andrea said.

Mumma Raw’s other big seller is their home made gluten free, low sugar organic fig and pecan granola, which is based on activated seeds and nuts (soaked to start the sprouting process and release more of the seeds goodness).

Available by the take-home packet, Andrea and Charles have also started serving the granola as part of a breakfast bowl at the Mullumbimby Farmers Market, topping it with chia seeds soaked in coconut milk, coconut yoghurt, fresh seasonal fruit and home made nut milks.

Andrea says she’s never been a 100% raw foodist – and doesn’t want to be one – but she has done stints on one to two months on a raw vegan diets and loved the way it made her feel.

“The reservoir of energy you have at the end of a long day. It’s amazing.”

“I don’t like to be dogmatic about anything, but hell yeah if you’re going to do a month of raw food – go for it, oh my god you feel so good.”

• Find Mumma Raw at the Mullumbimby Farmers Market every Friday.