If you live in the Byron Shire and are interested in a low-cost way to grow lots of food year after year in your own home garden, don’t miss the launch of Byron Seed Share at the Mullumbimby Farmers Market this Friday October 11.
Held to celebrate Seed Freedom Fortnight which sees events happening globally, Byron Hinterland Seed Savers, the local organisers of the event, will showcase a new website which serves as the local hub for home gardeners.
The event will also be showcasing and giving away locally saved seeds and perennial foods that are suitable for growing in the Byron Shire, and include discussions and talks with local experts about seed saving, food security and perennial foods.
“Byron Seed Share is a free community-fed platform designed to support abundant, low maintenance gardens whilst giving the community access to other gardeners” said Paul Crebar, of Byron Hinterland Seed Savers.
“You simply register for free and then you can record what you are growing and willing to share, and access others in the community and what they are growing too, so it becomes easy to give and receive with your other community members.”
“With over 45 perennial foods in the directory and a forum to answer any gardening related question we are really happy we could get this website off the ground thanks to a grant we received from Santos Organics.”
“The more of us who save seeds and maintain diverse gardens the better it is for us and the wildlife. Not only will the seeds get more accustomed to our local climate making them easier to grow, but instead of losing plant and food diversity in our community we can maintain or even increase it.”
The event at the market is one of the regular seasonal events held by the Byron Hinterland Seed Savers. It encourages more people to grow easy-to-grow food in their home garden and to continue the sharing of these seeds and plants with their friends, family and neighbours.
Those with an abundance of plants, seeds, cuttings or tubers are encouraged to bring these along to share at the event.
“Our events are always a place to give and receive freely anything that you need or have an abundance of. It’s also always wonderful to connect with other gardeners, leave with so many new seeds and plants whilst getting to see other people’s gardening tricks and triumphs,” said Paul Crebar.
The event will be held at Mullumbimby Farmers Market Friday October 11 from 8am – 10:30. For more details visit the Mullumbimby Farmers Market or Byron Hinterland Seed Saving website.