Megan pours a refreshing cane juice at the Byron Cane Juice stall

Arrive early, bring your cool bags, and have a cool drink.
Follow those tips and you’re all set for an enjoyable trip to the market this summer.
We open at 7am, so if you arrive then, you’ll beat the heat, and get the pick of the produce.
Cool bags and ice bricks are essential, especially if you’re buying meat, dairy or leafy greens, and mean you can stay a while and have a chat or something to eat when you’ve finished your shopping.
You can also keep cool with a refreshing drink made with fresh local produce  – there are plenty on offer, and they’re the perfect pick-me-up after a morning shopping.
Here’s a selection of the cold drinks available:

Jungle Juice:  Fresh juices and smoothies made from fruit grown on Peter and Nora Brils’ Mooball orchard. Here you’ll find some unique combinations, like the Black Mamba smoothie with black sapote, coconut cream and banana, or the Dragon Tail with dragonfruit, passionfruit, berries and banana. There’s also jaboticaba juice by the bottle and an immunity-boosting turmeric juice.

Byron Cane Juice: Sugar cane is crushed to order and blended with flavourings such as lime, passionfruit or market fresh greens.

Puremelt Chocolate: Sarah Wheeler’s special blend of chai  is mixed with ice and your choice of dairy, coconut, soy or almond milk. Iced chocolate also available.

Organic Forrest: Ice cold bottles of Sue Mangan’s delicious kombucha, made with black tea, and flavoured with organic ginger, turmeric hibiscus ,  elderflower and lemon. It’s full of probiotics and is a real thirst quencher.

Icy cold kombucha

Bangalow Coffee: Iced coffees made with fresh locally roasted Nashua-grown coffee beans.

Rainbow Fruit Flats:  100% fruit ice blocks available in flavours including mango and dragonfruit.